Almost everyone strives to be productive, after all, more things done means more things accomplished, right? In a way, that it is indeed true. I said “in a way” because there are other factors that have to be considered as well including whether your kind of productivity brand leans on quality or quality. For busy families with kids, there is nothing more helpful than improving the quality of one’s family productivity but through these excellently featured apps.


Every parent needs a boost of motivation once in a while and what better way to get this than this Bloom App made by developer extraordinaire, Mindbloom. In essence, what bloom does is that it lets you record and time notifications in the form of motivational slideshows, which are essentially more fun than standard texts or memos. You can either pick an already pre-made slideshow or build one yourself using your own pictures, titles and even music. With this kind of scheduling and motivational planner in place, getting to and fro different tasks will be as easy as pie.
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Cozi Family Organizer

There’s nothing else that makes splitting tasks easier like a shared calendar and to-do lists. If your kids are already at that age where they’re old enough to trot around with smart phones then it would definitely be more than helpful to have everyone install this app since you can reduce the nagging to a minimum (just make sure to remind them to look at what you’ve shared). More than just incorporating calendar and list features, Cozi Family Organizer also integrates basic journal and shopping list attributes as well. This undoubtedly gets everyone on the same page without having to talk a mile
Cozi Family Organizer Free


Most parents, particularly moms, can attest to the fact that it’s quite inevitable to run out of dinner ideas especially if you and your family hardly go out in a week. As one of the more popular foodie apps out there, Epicurious easily provides simple recipes that are more or less, painless to follow. It provides utmost convenience in dispensing recipe ideas by just typing what kind of meat you are cooking (e.g. chicken) and all pertaining recipes with the said ingredient will pop up in the list of results.
Epicurious Free

Bank of Mom

Family productivity also involves a little deft financial handling and what better way to do that than enabling your kids to be responsible for their money. With Bank of Mom, you can have your kids set up an account so they can practice being in charge of their allowance by withdrawing and depositing their savings
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Another app that helps keep your focus glued to where it matters is the HomeBudget app. This particular app helps you effortlessly monitor your expenses and assists you in drawing up daily, weekly, monthly or even annual budget figures. By tracking your budget, you’ll easily know if you’re going overboard with your purchases or you’re still on track. Aside from this functionality, you can also directly take pictures of your receipts and integrate various kinds of categories.
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JotNot Scanner Pro

If you’ve experienced wasting precious time looking for important papers or documents in the house, then a good solution would be JotNot Scanner Pro. This app lets your camera simply scan any documents, bills or receipts you may have. After which, you can then turn your documents into PDF files and share them via fax or even email. Additional options also include downloading via Evernote or Dropbox.
These are just some of the available apps you can use to improve your family’s productivity so don’t be afraid to explore and have fun with all the said apps
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