Do you ever have trouble finding your legal documents when you need them? Keeping them in a safety deposit box means they are safe, but not very accessible. Keeping them at home makes them easier to access, but they are easy to lose or misplace. Finovera offers a convenient way to keep an online copy of you legal documents that is secure and that you can access any time or place. Here are some legal documents for which Finovera is perfect.


If you feel the need to update your will, doing so can be a hassle. You may find that the printed or written copy has been lost among an unlabeled box with countless other papers. Maybe you change computers or the old one dies and you realize that it has taken your will with it. Having an online copy can relieve a lot of the stress of ensuring that your will is in a safe place and is not going to be lost.

Living Trust

It is essential to keep a living trust in a secure and easy to find place for the same reasons as a will, except a living trust can affect you while you are still alive. If you need to set up a living trust, you will probably also want to refer to it every once in a while. By uploading it to Finovera, you will have it just a few clicks away.

Birth Certificate

Birth Certificates are used for a host of things. You need one when applying for a passport or registering to vote. They are useful when renewing a driver’s license. Even when signing a child up for school for the first time, a birth certificate is typically required. Of all the legal documents to have readily available, this is one of the most important. What better way to keep it accessible than storing a digital copy online that you can print out at any time?

Adoption Papers

Like birth certificates, adoption papers should never be discarded. If you ever need to prove that an adopted child is yours, having them in a safe and secure location is essential. Besides keeping a copy at home, having an extra copy online with Finovera is an excellent way to ensure that they will never be lost and will always be available when you need them.

Other Documents

Here are some other documents that are worth uploading with Finovera’s secure storage feature.

  • Real estate deeds
  • Marriage certificates
  • Death certificates
  • Veteran’s papers
  • Household inventories
  • Tax returns
  • Tax receipts
  • Social Security cards
  • Social Security statement
  • Copy of driver’s license
  • Insurance policies
  • Loan statements
  • Employment records
  • Investment statements
  • Investment certificates
  • Passports
  • Vehicle titles
  • Service contracts and warranties
  • Home purchase and improvement records
  • Citizenship papers
  • Powers of attorney

Store a Digital Copy with Finovera

Finovera provides a document upload feature that lets you upload important files, like legal documents, to secure digital folders that you can set up at your convenience. Some documents may not be used as often as others, but when you need to find your birth certificate, that’s little consolation if you recently moved to a new house and cannot remember which box it’s stored in. Finovera is the perfect solution for giving you access to your important legal documents exactly when you need them.
Image Credit: Sam Scholes