Keeping your academic and professional documents organized is of utmost importance. You may have graduated years or decades ago, but every now and then you need one of the documents for a job or a to get a better insurance rate.  Plus, if you are a parent, you have the added responsibility of keeping your kids’ academic documents well-organized. So, how do you do it?
It could be a pretty tedious task, especially when it comes to keeping your kids’ documents organized. But technological advancements have made it a lot easier. You can store those documents online without the risk of losing them. And the best part is that they are accessible from anywhere in the world as long as you are connected to the Internet.
Before we look at how you can store your academic and professional documents online in the best possible way, let’s first go through the list of documents you should store. These documents are necessary for your own professional advancement, and when your children begin applying for different schools or colleges for further studies.

  • Certification of study
  • Grade sheets
  • Professional certifications such as PMP
  • Diploma supplement
  • Replacement certificate (if any)
  • Certifications of awards
  • Recommendation letters from teachers and coaches
  • Your kids’ report cards
  • Reports from any camps
  • Copies of degrees
  • Copy of resume and other documents necessary to apply for different jobs.
  • Any special records. Your kids may have certificates of achievements or awards in specific fields such as sports, debating, etc. Or maybe a few samples of their outstanding work that showcase their exceptional ability.

Most people store their documents in physical form without any backup. People storing documents in physical form sometimes lose important papers. Do you think your documents will remain safe  in the events of burglary, fire or natural disasters? Most likely they won’t. Storing them online ensures that you always have a back-up if something goes wrong.

How to store your academic and professional documents online

You can use Finovera to store your important documents. It offers bank level security, and is pretty easy to use. Simply register on Finovera, scan in all your important academic documents and upload them. If you like, you can create a separate folder for the papers of your spouse and kids.
For example, San Francisco-based entrepreneur Steve Bushnell uses Finovera to store his academic as well as professional documents. Mr. Bushnell says he found it so convenient and hassle-free that he has created two more folders within his account, one for his banker wife and another for his teenage daughter.
Many people haphazardly search for important certificates, grade sheets and other papers at the eleventh hour when their children need to send applications for further studies. But Steve already keeps all the necessary papers of his teen well-organized, and keeps adding new certificates and grade sheets as they come to avoid the panic or missing a important opportunity.
How do you make sure that your important academic and professional documents are well-organized? Try Finovera to keep your documents safe and organized. It’s absolutely free.