New Online App Ends Bill and Statement Chaos


Finovera Organizes Household Accounts in a Digital Vault,

Avoids Late Fees and Alerts Consumers about Unusual Charges

Milpitas, CA – Nov 19, 2013 – U.S. consumers are inundated with dozens of bills and financial statements every month, creating an ongoing scramble to keep up with due dates, balances, bank charges and mountains of paper.  While many go paperless, most still struggle to manage their digital lifestyles. To end this chaos, Finovera today announced a free secure web-based application for people to easily receive, organize and manage their bills, financial statements and important family documents all in one place.
The attached VIDEO shows how Finovera simplifies financial life, reduces clutter and saves time and money. Following a year of user testing and positive feedback from early users, Finovera is now available as an open beta from
It takes fewer than 10 minutes to setup bank, utility, credit card, brokerage and loan accounts in Finovera. Thereafter, Finovera automatically delivers, organizes and analyzes statements every month, alerting users when spending looks unusually high or when bills are due, avoiding late fees.  Other Finovera features include:

  • Spam-free Inbox for all your bills and statements
  • Full four-color PDF statements where available
  • One-click access to your online bank bill pay
  • 12 months of history available immediately after setup
  • Digital File Cabinet to store important documents
  • Secure Password Vault and Auto Login to all accounts
  • Alerts to remind you of unusual spending or insufficient bank balance
  • More than 10,000 online and offline accounts supported

“Despite the widespread adoption of digital lifestyle by consumers, paper bills and documents have continued to reign at home, primarily because no good alternatives were available ─ until now. Finovera solves this problem by aggregating all household bills and documents in one place and making the process easy, convenient and efficient, saving the consumer time and money,” said Purna Pareek, Finovera’s CEO and founder.
The application also offers a secure digital file cabinet for storing important family documents such as insurance policies, medical records, wills, passports, deeds and legal contracts, so that they can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, on any device.  A mobile and tablet version will be available in Q1 2014.
Finovera’s service is completely free to users and has been positively reviewed by hundreds of early testers.  Banks and financial institutions can increase customer loyalty and satisfaction by providing Finovera’s bill aggregation and management solution as a complement to their existing online bill pay programs.

About Finovera

Finovera is reinventing how people manage their bills and financial documents at home. It is the easiest and most convenient way to receive, organize and manage household bills, financial statements and important family documents in one place. Finovera’s digital mailbox service and secure vault brings simplicity, efficiency and convenience to household information management and helps consumers say goodbye to late fees, forgotten passwords and disorganized bill piles. A Silicon Valley startup, Finovera’s mission is to simplify the lives of American households by helping them easily organize and manage critical information from anywhere, anytime in a secure manner.

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