We all want to get our finances in order. There’s nothing worse than not having full control of what’s going on with our money and things can easily spiral out of control. Unexpected bills, house insurance, mortgages and just day to day living; the costs of keeping you and your family’s life on the straight and narrow can sometimes seem to be overwhelming.
However, there is so much help and advice to be found where you can get great advice on how to organize and fix your finances in 2014. Here are six must read sites that are well worth a look at:


This site is run by The Federal Trade Commission and gives some great advice on the best way to start repairing your credit if you find yourself in this situation. The site explains in a clear and straightforward language that there is no quick and simple way to repair your credit, despite the many adverts that tell you otherwise. Repairing your credit is a slow process, but it can be done. Full of tips and advice on how to improve even the worst credit, advice is also offered on coping with your existing debt and where to get legitimate help. It is well worth a read.
Link: http://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0058-credit-repair-how-help-yourself


Wisebread offers advice and information on many different aspects of managing your money and dealing with debt problems. A great section on frugal living gives tips for cheap meals and kitchen tips, resisting temptation to buy new things when we don’t really need them and great ways to get in shape without having to pay hundreds of dollars at the gym. Great advice in easy to understand language.
Link: http://www.wisebread.com/topic/personal-finance/debt-management


Run by the US government, My Money aims to financially educate Americans by showing the basics of good financial management. There is a wealth of information on important topics, such as investing in your 401(k), purchasing a home, and even a step by step guide on how to balance your check book. It gives five main financial building blocks that everyone should follow to enable them to understand and build their money.
Link: http://www.mymoney.gov/mymoneyfive/Pages/mymoneyfive.aspx

Yahoo! Finance

We have all heard of Yahoo and know that it is one of the main search engines on the Internet. However, did you know that Yahoo offers some great financial advice and tips? The site is full of worldwide financial news and the events that are affecting the markets as well as your own personal finances. You can read the latest market data as well as get advice on topics such as buying a home, credit, retirement and taxes.
Link: http://finance.yahoo.com/

Consumer Credit

Consumer Credit are credit counseling professionals that offer help with debt management, bankruptcy, housing and education issues. Covering just about anything financial that you can think of, the site can help you with setting up a debt management program if it is right for your circumstances. All counseling sessions and budget consultations are totally free of charge and if you choose to take out a debt management program, the cost is only $39 and can be absolutely free depending on your circumstances or your state’s regulations.
Link: http://www.consumercredit.com/

US News – Money

US News has a great money section that offers an analysis of everything that is happening in the world of finance, presenting it in a down to earth and straightforward way, so you can make informed financial decisions.
With sections on investing money, saving money, retirement and careers, this website keeps bang up to date with the latest financial facts.
With all these great tips and advice available, make 2014 the year you get organized, get a grip on your finances, and start building your future.
Link: http://money.usnews.com/