Last week, Manilla announced that they will be shutting down their service on July 1st this year. Manilla was a worthy competitor and a pioneer in the consumer bill management space. They educated consumers on personal finance and created demand by showing the value of such a tool. We will miss them.
Now Manilla users are frantically searching for an alternative tool that would help them manage their bills, download statements and organize their financial lives. We believe that Finovera is the closest match to what Manilla offers in terms of functionality but with many more bells and whistles that will help you migrate to a new service.
It is hard to make a sudden change and to have to setup all the information on a new website. But in the long run the time spent will be worth your while. Setting up your accounts in Finovera should not take more than few minutes if you have all your credentials handy. The good news is that Finovera downloads 12 months of statement history immediately. So if you have been saving your documents on Manilla, you wouldn’t lose much. We will download up to one year worth of documents for you automatically and make the transition as painless as possible. You won’t look back once you get used to the simple and streamlined look and feel.

How Is Finovera Different

Finovera offers virtually all the functionality that Manilla offers and more. We support over 10,000 bills and statement providers that include utilities, credit cards, banks and investment accounts. Finovera’s workflow is very similar to how people deal with their paper mail today. All your bills and statements are delivered to your Inbox. This is where you review your incoming bills, see the history and pay them either at the biller site or on your bank site (Finovera currently does not pay bills). Once you have paid the bills, you file them to archive in a digital file folder that is automatically created for every provider. The file cabinet also allows you to create a custom folder where you can upload your financial documents.
Finovera offers a dashboard that can monitor your bank accounts and the bills that are outstanding against it. If you have more bills than the current balance, Finovera will warn you in advance – not after you have been charged an insufficient fund fee by your bank.
The alerts in Finovera are designed to deal with common problems most of us face every day. You wireless bill may be on Auto Pay and all of a sudden it shoots up to a big amount. Well, Finovera notices such things and will send you an alert that your bill for this month is, say 15% more than your average spending over the last 12 months. How is that for simple?

Flexible, yet Powerful

Have some accounts that are still off the grid? No problem, add them using our Offline Account Feature. We’ll generate the reminders when you need them. You can even attach scanned documents to your offline bills.
Finovera’s One Click access gives you the convenience to automatically login to your online bank account and go to your bill pay page, where you can submit your payment.
Use our File Cabinet not only to store your bills and statements but also your other important documents. Upload your insurance policies, education papers, warranty papers and other documents, and have them all available anytime from anywhere.
And yes, there is an iPhone version that can be downloaded from the App Store. An Android version is in the works and will be released in Q3 2014.

Now Is the Time!

There is no time like now to try out Finovera. Thousands of loyal Manilla users have already migrated to Finovera and are happy that they found us. So kick the tires, test drive Finovera and let us know what you think. We think you will like it better than Manilla.
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