Baby showers are all about sharing the joy of welcoming new life into the world with friends and family. Aside from swapping stories and advice and opening gifts, playing games is another way to add to the joy and laughter. So if you’re running out of ideas for your baby shower, consider one of the following games.

Guess That Baby

There’s nothing more endearing than seeing baby pictures of your friends and family, which is why this particular game is so popular. Simply ask your guests to each bring a baby picture as well as a recent picture of themselves. Take a sticky note and place letters on all the baby pictures, and numbers on all the recent pictures and place them around the room. Have each of your guests try to match up the baby pictures with the “new” pictures. 

“The Price is Right”

Guessing prices is always fun, especially when there are prizes involved. Similar to the famous game show, this activity involves you placing various, everyday baby items (shampoo, medicine, diapers, etc.) around the room. Keep track of how much you’ve paid for each one, and have your guests pair up. Give each guest a sheet of paper and pen, assign a number of points to each item, and have everyone guess the prices. The team that gets the most points wins a prize. 

Celebrity Parents and Children

Celebrities and their children are always popular, especially famous “A-listers” like Kirk and Michael Douglas, or Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson. To play this game, simply cut out letters for the name of each celebrity and child. Have the guests divide into teams and give them clues, having them unscramble the letters to get the right answers. 

These are just a few game ideas that you can use to liven up your party. What game ideas do you have? Leave a comment and let us know.

Image Source: Percita on Flickr