Make 2015 the year you master your finances and stay on top of your bills. How often have you sat down at the kitchen table to pay your bills, only to find one at the bottom of the pile that is overdue? Or how many times have you not been able to find a bill you know is due soon?
Do you sit there feeling helpless wanting to scream with frustration?  Writings checks and finding stamps can also be annoying, not to mention the added late charges for overdue bills.

Filling the Role

In addition to paying bills we are all juggling many other responsibilities including full-time or part-time work, families, etc.  Not many of us have the luxury of having one spouse at home to ‘manage’ the household.  Even if that is an option, that person is not only paying the bills but is often also managing other household responsibilities and taking care of the children.

Post-Bill Paying High

Some of us may find the task of bill paying enjoyable and some of us may feel satisfied after a ‘traditional’ bill-paying session. The check-writing, envelop-stuffing, stamp sticking routine leaves us with a clear knowledge that we have paid the bills.
But experts predict that as more people become regular Web users, electronic bill payment will become the norm. After all, many things can go wrong when paying bills the traditional way.  So why not consider trying out an online bill paying feature or a site that handles all your bills from one account? Using an online bill paying service like Finovera can save consumers money, time and stress.

Save Money

Paying bills the old fashioned way means you’re buying postage stamps and paying check-writing fees. And, what if you’re late or your check bounces? That’s another $25 easy, plus a potential negative mark on your credit history that can have consequences down the road. That’s something most of us can’t afford. Late charges alone are a good reason why people are using bill payment services now more than ever.

Save Time

With more and more families having both spouses working full-time jobs, time spent with each other, their children and loved ones is that much more rare and valuable.
Believe it or not, over the course of a year, the average American household spends more than 24 hours paying bills. Switching to an online bill payment service can decrease your bill-management time by hours.  Remember many online bill pay services and banks let you automate bill payments.  In which case all you need to do is look and feel satisfied that the bill has been paid.

Save Stress

There’s just something about having a pile of paperwork and bills sitting on your dining room table or desk – you just want to avoid it like the plague. Many times, the sole reason you put it off is because the messy pile is extremely uninviting and causes extra stress.
And what if you travel? If you travel for work, family obligations or are just vacationing, you don’t want to come back to overdue bills. In these situations, online bill paying can save you money and a lot of headache. If you’re on the road, you’ve probably stuffed your bag or briefcase with the bills, hoping to find time to pay them while traveling or you have frantically rushed to pay them all before leaving town.   Online bill paying means you can have your bills paid automatically or pay your bills, day or night, on-the-go, even on your smart phone with just a couple of clicks.
Online bill pay services like Finovera reduces the stress and time spent on paying bills by delivering your bills and statements electronically in one place. These services also remind you when your bills are due, saving you the money you may have spent on late fees.
So folks, hop on the online bill pay bandwagon and let 2015 be the year you finally take control of your personal finances.