Many of us anxiously wait for our 18th birthday or the day we can go off to college so that we can finally get away from the ‘overpowering dictatorship’ that is/was our parents.  Some of us go the extra mile and move far enough away that we don’t have to see our parents too often.   But now, as we get older and wiser, the time spent with our parents seems to have greater meaning – especially as our parents age. Our parents may live in another city,  state or even country as a result of which we don’t see them more than a couple of times a year or even once in a couple of years. Though phones have made it pretty easy to stay in touch, it’s just not the same as physically being around them. So what are we to do to show how much we appreciate our mothers this Sunday? Here are 4 ideas that will make the distance shorter this Mother’s Day.
Appreciation Package:
Sending flowers to mom on Mother’s Day is pretty standard.  Your mom probably looks forward to getting the flowers every year, so do send them.  But how about with the flowers, send her an appreciation package that includes some or all of the following:
-A mixed CD. Chances are that we know all of our mom’s favorite tracks.   Remember what was playing the car as she drove you to all your activities.  Make a mixed CD with all of her favorite songs. (We say CD as for the majority of us, our parents may or may not yet know the meaning of ‘Downloading Music’). You can even add a personal touch and include songs that may have meaning from your childhood.
-Pictures. In this day-in-age, cameras are all over the place – on our phones, laptops, ipads, etc. Capturing moments of your children or of  you and your siblings, is literally a click away. Many of us may already be picture hoarders and have albums upon albums of family functions already saved on our phones. Visit your local CVS or Walgreens and print these pictures out. You don’t even have to get creative and make an album – just stack the photos and mail them off to her. Her face will surely light up when she sees the photos. If your mom can’t physically see you (or your kids if you have any) on Mother’s Day, pictures are surely the next best thing. Plus, she is able to find creative ways to display them around the house.  On the other hand if you or your mom are gadget lovers, get her an electronic picture frame and load a bunch of pictures on it and send it to her. Every time she comes in the room she’ll see a different picture of you or your family!
-Chocolate Dipped Strawberries. Give her something to satisfy her sweet tooth. The majority of women love chocolate and fruit. So satisfy her sweet tooth by sending her both. Services like Shari’s Berries will literally deliver them right to her door.
Activities for two:
Now more than ever, it is easy to treat your mom to a day of fun from afar with services such as Groupon and Living Social. The key here is to look up deals near her, for two, that are open on Mother’s Day.  Look up brewery and wine tasting tours, kayaking and outdoor activities, or painting and pottery classes. Look for deals for two as she may very much want to do these activities with someone. Just let her know to make a reservation in advance. You can also treat her to a spa day for her and a friend or pre-purchase manicures and pedicures she can use on this day.
Set up a skype or FaceTime date:
You can do all of the above and still make time for a skype date on Mother’s Day. This is better than a conversation over the phone as you can see your mom on your phone or computer screen. Just make sure your internet connection is good to go so that you don’t get disconnected. You can even coordinate to have “dinner together” by both setting up your laptops at your dinner table, with a glass of wine.
Surprise Visit:
Many times, the best gifts are the ones that are unexpected – and what better gift to give her than to give them, you. If it is economically reasonable for you to hop on a plane, train or make the 5-hour drive to visit your mom for the day, then do it! Don’t tell her you’ll be visiting and make it that much more special when she sees you at her doorstep. There really is no better gift to your mom than the present of your presence. So literally, go the extra mile this year!
It really is the thought that counts, so do what you can to make your mom feel special on Mother’s day.  But remember she is also your mom the rest of the year, so don’t forget her until next May!  Set aside a bit of time to just chat with her or send her a note once in a while.