No matter what your financial situation is – whether you’re struggling to put food on the table or living large – remembering to pay bills every month is a pain for everyone.  Bill due dates pop up at all different times throughout the month, and if you’re like the average American household, you probably have ten or more bills to manage, so it gets confusing and quite difficult to keep track of all the due dates. The key is to create a bill reminder calendar, and follow any of the following methods (or a combination of them) for sticking to that calendar.
Put your bills on autopay. This option works for people who are confident that there are sufficient funds in their accounts, so that when the money is withdrawn, there is no risk of overdraft fees. Some people may want to put certain bills on autopay, that may be for a smaller amount and are consistent each month. If you do feel comfortable with this option, your bill reminder calendar simply runs on autopilot. You can view your upcoming bills in one centralized place, like Finovera, but you don’t have to worry about making the payments each month.
Use Finovera.  Whether or not you’re on autopay, or when your payments fall during the month, Finovera will automatically organize your bills, present a monthly bill reminder calendar, and send you reminders to pay the bills via email or text before they’re due.
Change your payment dates. If your bill due dates are really scattered throughout the month, and you do not feel comfortable setting them all on autopay, you should consider calling your account providers and asking to have your due dates changed. Most companies have two billing cycles per month and would gladly accommodate your request to switch your billing cycle. Then, you can create a monthly bill reminder calendar that works for you and pick one day during the month to pay all of your bills.