Planning to hang out with your girlfriends this weekend? I’ve always loved a good girls’ night out, but lately I’ve grown tired of the “out” part. That’s why, instead of waiting forever to get into clubs or struggling to hear each other over loud music, my friends and I prefer women’s nights in. Want to have a women’s night in with your friends, too? Below are some fun ideas for low, medium, and high budgets.


Movie Night
Whether it’s a favorite classic from Redbox or from Netflix or even a favorite television series from on demand, movie nights are a blast. You can even assign each friend a movie-theater-style refreshment to bring, like candy or microwaveable popcorn.
Game Night
Game nights are a fun simple way to have a night in, while still exerting a lot of energy.  Just dig out your favorite board games from childhood, or program a night of classic party games like Twenty Questions or Charades to get the fun started.


Wine & Cheese Party
This is the perfect way to sample a variety of expensive wines without getting a killer hangover. A wine tasting event without paying the outrageous fees! Ask each of your friends to bring a nice bottle of wine or a pricey hunk of cheese while you provide a variety of crackers and fruits (plus some non-alcoholic beverages for re-hydration!). Decide on your favorites, and plan to do a follow-up party serving just those.
Fondue Party
A fondue party is an easy-but-unexpected twist on the dinner party. Delicious recipes for classic cheese or gourmet-chocolate fondues can be found all over the Internet. To get everyone involved, ask your guests to bring a variety of dipping foods. For extra fun, make up your own fondue “rules.” For example: The first person to lose two pieces of bread in the cheese has to host the next fondue party!


Cooking Party
Many professional chefs offer in-home, interactive cooking classes. Learn how to make everything from sushi to pastries in a fun, relaxed environment with your friends.
In-Home Spa Party
Hire an in-home spa service so that you can lounge and chat with your friends while getting manicures, pedicures, facials, and even massages! Enjoy the professionalism of an actual spa without having to run out the door before your polish dries.