If you haven’t already heard, Election Day is around the corner. Regardless of your political stance or love or hate for the presidential candidates, it’s an exciting time for citizens to have a say on the future of the country. If you are on the fence about heading out to the polls next month, here are three reasons why you should get out there and vote.
#1 Props:  There are tons of propositions that will pass or be turned down solely because of how you vote on it. Voting for proposition that affect your state and county allow you to decide where and how your tax dollars are being used. So why not have a say in the happenings of your state and vote on them. As voting for or against a proposition can be confusing at times, there is help online and short videos you can watch that cover the specifics of every proposition so that you can be well educated before voting. Before voting Yes or No to a prop, do some simple research. You might find that you feel passionate about the passing of a prop and may want to tell your friends and family to join you in voting a certain way.
#2 History: Many have fought for our right to be able to vote. Furthermore, our history itself has been decided on the voter population. Although a simple vote for a presidential candidate may not seem like much now, we are  writing how the future of this country unfolds. Although future citizens of this country may not know our name or face, they will remember us based on the decision we make at the voting poll.
#3 Expression of Speech: Voting means you are a part of one of the largest expressions of free speech. If you are a legal citizen above the age of 18, you can register to vote. If you do not vote, you have no leg to stand on to complain. Plus, voting is a great way to show some patriotism.
If the voter registration deadline has passed, you can still register to vote in person at the office of your Local Election Official at any point until Election Day. Contact your Local Election Official if you have any questions.