If you’re looking to travel this year, but you don’t have a ton of money to shell out on fancy hotels and first-class airfare, you’re in luck. This year could be the year of cheap travel!
Travel experts suggest that this year, consumers will be able to pay surprisingly low travel rates, giving them the chance to explore beautiful countries and islands they’ve never before seen, all on a budget. Here’s how you can save on traveling this year:
Don’t ignore the flight deals. Now more than ever, airlines are offering cheap roundtrip tickets to various destinations. You might see these deals appear in your emails or social media feeds and you treat them as spam and overlook them. However, these deals can save you a ton of money on flights when you are ready to getaway. So check out the deals and book your flights before the deals expire.
Travel in a group. Although getting your friends/family on board and all on the same page can be quite a challenge while traveling, traveling in a group can save on the overall cost of vacationing than if you were traveling by yourself or just with your significant other. With a group, you can look into renting out homes/cabins/apartments through services like Airbnb. Your nightly fare can be drastically cheaper than staying at a hotel for a night. Plus you get the luxury of having a kitchen on vacation, also leading to saving on costs of dining out.
Focus on destinations that are experiencing economic crisis. These locations have the lowest rates on local services (Many Latin American countries fall under this category and Asian American countries such as the Philippines and Thailand to name a few destinations.) Hotels, food and outdoor activities can be drastically cheaper than anything you’ve ever seen in the U. S.

Avoid Late Fees.
As being on vacation may cause us to disconnect with our world back home and may make us forget what day of the month it is, don’t let this lead to late payments on your bills! Although you may be away on vacation, this doesn’t mean your bills are too. Make sure you have a proper method to make sure all bills are paid on time while on vacation with Finovera!
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