We’re approaching the end of summer. For some of us this means the kids are still home on summer vacation, the bags are still packed from a summer getaway trip, and clutter has formulated in the house. Many of us may find ourselves in a desperate need of a mid-year organizing spree. Not only may the house be cluttered, but other areas of our life may be disorganized as well. Not sure where to start? Here are 3 areas of your life where you can begin getting organized today
Your Finances
Do you have a bill reminder set up so that you don’t miss any due dates? Are you keeping track of how much of your credit card you are using? Are you monitoring the amount you are contributing to your retirement and savings accounts each month? It’s easy for us to forget to monitor all of these areas in our finances when life gets busy in the summer time. Some of us also find ourselves spending more and saving less as warmer weather takes us out of the house. As a result, our finances can get messy. Personal finance apps like Finovera are a great way to make sure you do not miss any due dates. Also take some time to read through your statements and check the history of your bills within the past year. You might find that you are being charged new fees on a particular bill. Take a moment to make sure all areas of your finances are in order as a disorganized financial life can lead to lost money.
Important Documents
Many times we’ll receive important documents in the mail that we open while we’re busy or distracted, then put away to deal with later. Insurance documents, car registration renewals and even invitations to weddings can all end up in a pile to be dealt with later. A good place to start is to get rid of the paper bills and sign up for ebills through your biller providers. For items where paper delivery is mandatory, pick a location in your room or office to house a folder or multiple folders for these documents. This area must be easily seen to you on a daily basis so that you don’t forget to attend to any of the documents inside. For any documents that you don’t need to take action upon, consider scanning and saving them digitally. This way you don’t worry about misplacing them, and you get rid of paper clutter. Use that shredder one last time. It’s important to shred your existing paper documents to ensure that your private data is completely protected. Destroy anything with sensitive information, such as account numbers, birth dates, passwords and PINs, signatures and Social Security numbers. It’s also a good idea to shred items that include names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.
An organized living environment can translate into more productivity. Less time is spent trying to locate items and overall, an organized household is better for your health. Dedicate an entire day to organize your home, starting in one area first and moving your way throughout the house. The bedroom and closets are a good place to start as these areas can be the most disorganized. Once everything is in order, the best way to keep the house organized is to clean as you go. This isn’t always easy and ideal, especially in the summertime, but starting with an organized living environment can segway other areas of your life to stay organized as well.